Woman’s day

Year after year women are celebrated on the 8th of March.

Year after year we receive flowers, congratulations and nice words are spoken.

But this year I can’t stop asking myself, why women are not honoured every single day of a year by being treated equal to men. Why we still get paid less than a man in the same job with the same educational background. Why do men expect us to give up everything, sometimes even ourselves, to become a mother. Why men think that we don’t deserve time just for ourselves, that we don’t deserve a career, that we don’t deserve to say “I don’t care…”

Why women are still abused sexually, and in some countries it is even legal in a marriage.

Why men think that we can’t do same things as they do? Just because we are not strong enough physically?

I say “Bullshit!” and “I don’t care!” I will never do, what men want me to do just because they are male. Let us fight for equality instead of being treated as queens just for one day! Happy “Everyday is a Woman’s Day”! 

8 march